Satisfaction Questionnaire
Questionnaire for Services of Haikou Meilan International Airport
Dear ladies and gentlemen: Thanks for sharing your valuable time to complete this questionnaire! We look forward to knowing your experience in Haikou Meilan International Airport and obtaining your valuable comments on our service. Your experience and comments are very important for us to know and improve our service quality! We will take passenger satisfaction as the guide and continuously improve the airport service, thus to make contribution to the building of harmonious civil aviation industry.
01-Transportation to and from airport
1.Ground transportation to and from the airport:
2.Whether parking facilities are convenient and sufficient:
3.Whether parking fees value for money:
4.Whether the trolleys are convenient and sufficient:
02-Check-in procedure
1.Waiting time in check-in queue:
2.Work efficiency of check-in staff:
3.Whether the check-in staff are polite and helpful:
03-Passport/ID card check
1.Passport/ID card check:
2.Whether the checking staff are polite and helpful:
04-Security check
1.Whether the security check staff are polite and helpful:
2.Whether the security check is sufficient:
3.Waiting time in security check queue:
4.Whether you feel safe and at ease:
05-Road guidance
1.Whether it is easy to find a place you want to go in the airport:
2.Flight information display:
3.Walking distance in the terminal:
4.Whether the transfer is convenient:
06-Airport services/facilities
1.Whether the airport staff are polite and helpful:
2.Catering facilities:
3.Whether the fee of catering facilities values for money:
4.Whether the bank/ATM/change bureau is convenient and sufficient:
5.Shopping facilities:
7.Business/executive lounge:
8.Whether the toilet is convenient and sufficient:
9. Whether the toilet is clean:
10.Whether the waiting hall/boarding gate is comfortable:
07-Airport environment
1.Whether the terminal building is clean:
2.Airport environment:
08-Inbound service
1.Check to passport/ID card of inbound persons:
2.Whether the baggage arrives at the claiming point timely:
3.Customs inspection:
09-Overall satisfaction with the airport
1.Overall satisfaction with the airport:
10-Your feedback on the Airport beyond above
1、Your feedback on the Airport beyond above