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In order to proactively improve priority services, Meilan Airport innovatively designs and launches "Priority Service" stickers. The staff will actively identify passengers entering the terminal.

When encountering special passengers with limited physical mobility and the unaccompanied special passengers who are in need,they will ask and provide "Priority Service" stickers for passengers on the basis of respecting their wishes. Passengers with service stickers will receive more guidance and assistance from the airport staff in all aspects of boarding to ensure their smooth boarding.

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Meilan Airport has a dedicated volunteer service team. If passengers encounter any problems and difficulties during the travel, they can ask for help from the volunteer service team (in blue vests), or call the 0898-966114 customer service hotline to inform them of service needs. All employees of Meilan Airport will adhere to the service concept of "love, patience and carefulness" to ensure that every passenger can travel smoothly.

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Service Content:

The free time-limited service is provided to show care and warmth to passengers. Each passenger can deposit 2 pieces of winter clothes free of charge at Meilan Airport for 15 days.


Service location:

Terminal I : They are located next to check-in counter No.17 in the departures hall and diagonally opposite the Gate 2 of the arrivals hall.

Terminal II : They are located at diagonally rear of island A in the departures hall on 3F and diagonally opposite the Gate 5 of the arrivals hall on 1F.


Service objects:

Elderly over 60 years old, pregnant women, and disabled passengers.

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Service scope:

Wheelchair passengers; unaccompanied children; unaccompanied elderly; stretched passengers; hearing, vision, speech, body, spirit, etc impaired passengers.

Position information

Counters for special passengers are Counter 59 in the Departure Hall of Terminal 1.

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Special Passenger Service Area is next to Gate 3 of Departure Hall, Terminal 1.

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Airlines acting as agents for special passengers services on domestic and international/regional flights in Haikou Meilan International Airport

(1) Domestic airlines

Air China(CA)、China Eastern Airlines(MU)、Sichuan Airlines(3U)、Shenzhen Airlines(ZH)、 Shandong Airlines(SC)、Kunming Airllines(KY)、Juneyao Airlines(HO)、 Zhejiang Loong Airlines(GJ)、China Express Airlines(G5)、Xiamen Air(MF)、China United(KN)、Jiangxi Airlines(RY)、Hebei Airlines(NS)、Chengdu Airlines(EU)、Tibet Airlines(TV)、Shanghai Airlines(FM)、Colorful Guizhou Airlines(GY)、 LjAir(LT) 、Qingdao Airlines(QW) 、9 Air Co.,Ltd (AQ)、Donghai Airlines(DZ)、Okay Airways(BK)、Spring Airlines(9C)、Air Guilin(GT)

(2) International/regional airlines

Hongkong Airlines (HX), Scoot Airways (TR), Cathay Pacific (CX), Batik Air (OD),Cambodia Angkor Air (K6), Thai Lion Air (SL), Thai Vietjet Airways(VZ),Jetstar Asia Airways(3K), Sichuan Airlines (3U)[international route],T'way Air(TW),Hunnu Air(MR),9Air[international route],Vietjet Air(VJ),Cambodia Airways(KR),Juneyao Air (HO)[international route]

(3) Tips

For special passengers of domestic and international/regional flights of China Southern Airlines, Chongqing Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Tianjin Airlines, Capital Airlines, West Air, Lucky Air, GX Airlines, Air Changan, Fuzhou Airlines,  Suparna Airlines, and Urumqi Airlines:

You need to contact the customer service of the corresponding airline for telephone consultation and reservation. Relevant information can be inquired in "Flight Information - Airlines".

Application process of airport agent airline service:

For guidance service for wheelchair passengers, unaccompanied children, unaccompanied elderly, stretched passengers, passengers with hearing, vision, speech, physical and mental disabilities, etc.,you need to apply to the airline when purchasing tickets and obtain the consent of the airline.

Domestic flight: Please carry relevant materials and arrive at No.59 application counter for special passengers in the departures hall of Terminal 1 90 minutes before flight departure to handle relevant application services.

International flight: Please bring relevant materials to the check-in counter of the corresponding airline on Island A in the departures hall of Terminal 2 150 minutes before the flight takes off to handle relevant application services.

Tips: Only wheelchair passengers who do not apply to the airline when purchasing tickets can also apply offline after arriving at the airport, and then the airline company will decide.

Accessibility facilities

1.Walking aids are tools to assist the human body to support weight, maintain balance and walk.

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2. Hearing aids are devices to help deaf passengers improve their hearing.

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3.Blind canes are tools to give a safety warning when the blind go out.

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4.Writing pads are convenient for communication with deaf passengers.

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5. Braille application handover form is for blind passengers to touch and know the application content.

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Traffic Information

Barrier-free access channels have been established for passengers at both the bus and taxi boarding points at Meilan Airport. Special passengers can enjoy barrier-free access. For additional services, please dial 966114 for inquiries.

Airport agent airline service consultation and reservation telephone number

Domestic flight:


International flight:


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Service Object:

First-time passengers departing from Meilan Airport


Appointment and consultation:

You can call Haikou Meilan Airport’s business phone 0898-966114 for first ride reservation and consultation services, or directly consult or apply for related first ride services at the airport inquiry counter and first ride counter.


The following services are available for your first departure from Meilan Airport:

First ride parking → First ride inquiry → First ride check-in → First ride security check → First ride boarding

⑴First ride parking

If you make a reservation to arrive at Meilan Airport by self-driving, you can park your car at the first ride service point on the 2nd floor of the parking building of Terminal 1 or the first ride service point on the 2nd floor of the parking building of Terminal 2. The attendant will direct you to corresponding check-in counter.

⑵First ride inquiry 

You can learn about the first ride service process at the inquiry counter in the departure hall of Terminals 1 and 2, and the attendant at the inquiry counter will direct you to corresponding first ride counter.

⑶First ride check-in


Check-in counter


Terminal 1, Check-in Counter 15


Terminal 1, First Ride Counter 59


Terminal 2, First Ride Check-in Counter B14


Terminal 2, First Ride Check-in Counter D12


Terminal 2, First Ride Check-in Counter A01/A12

After check-in, the attendant will offer you the first ride bracelet, boarding cardholder. If you have checked baggage, the first ride baggage sign will be ed on the checked baggage, and you will be directed to the priority security channel.

⑷First ride security check

When you arrive at the security channel, please show your first ride bracelet or boarding cardholder and the security attendant will give you priority through security. The priority security channel is located at:

Channel 12 in Section A, Channel 8 in Section B, Departure Hall, 2nd floor, Terminal 1

Channel 20 (Domestic), Channel 7 (International), Departure Hall, 3rd Floor, Terminal 2

⑸First ride boarding

When you arrive at the gate, the gate attendant will identify the first ride sign and direct you for priority boarding. You can also show the first ride bracelet or boarding cardholder, and the attendant will also give you priority for boarding.

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